Automotive Mail for the Success of your Dealership.
When it comes to direct mail, Blue Gorilla Mail has you covered.
Put the power of the Blue Gorilla To Work For YOU!

Direct Mail for Automobile Dealers Nationwide

We help you with everything you need to have a successful marketing campaign, bringing you more customers and generating more SALES!

  • Copywriting

    We are constantly coming up with unique and innovative ideas for breakthrough mail pieces.

  • Design

    Our unparalleled campaigns are designed for maximum response to put prospects through your door.

  • Printing

    Every mail piece is proofed and printed according to exact specifications...on time.

  • Mailing

    Whether it is sent via First Class, Standard or Saturation postage, we ensure your mail gets delivered.

Blue Gorilla Mail prides itself on creative that stands above the competition, unique designs that you haven’t seen everywhere else, and results that are unparalleled. Most of our designs can be customized to change event and themes that match what your dealership is doing, or are appropriately event-driven for the time of year or holiday during which they will be deployed. You will see the quality the minute you browse our designs and know immediately that you are dealing with a company that knows the ins and outs of the automotive business and the triggers to pull to make people respond to the mail.

Blue Gorilla Mail Demo Reel

Check out examples of the spectacular work we have done for our clients… and can do for you!