Because we create it, scan it, stamp it, deliver it, and track it.
They open it, read it, love it and respond to it.
Blue Gorilla Produces Direct Mail that Works!

Saturation Mailers

Blue Gorilla Mail takes full advantage of saturation mailing so your dealership gets the most reach for the lowest postage rate. But we don’t just blanket a geographic area without knowing who you’re trying to reach. Believe it or not, if you have an exceptional CRM, (like we do), the saturation list can be narrowed down quite a bit using selects like post office boxes, rural routes, apartments, residential and business addresses. We still comply with the 90/75 rule in the carrier route to qualify you for the maximum saturation mail discounted postage rate, but our database allows us to target much more completely than a blanket mailing usually accomplishes. This produces more results for you.

Check out examples in our portfolio of the various types of mailers we create. From a jumbo 10″ by 14″ postcard to Tri-fold Mailers with stunning graphics. If you need more space, we offer  4 page and 8 page booklets  as well.

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Letter / Buyback Mailers

Personalized letters are a great tool for dealerships. The letters are fully customizable and targeted to sell what you have on your lot. They can be in the form of a “Handwritten” letter with a business card enclosed,  or a letter from “The Desk of” which shows value and importance because you took the time to reach out to them…personally.  Blue Gorilla offers a variety of choices and all elicit more trust than a generic mailing because you are sending out something special, just for them.

Other choices include Trade and Upgrade Mailers and Email Referral Variable letters. The Buyback Mailers are extremely successful because it features a full view window envelope with the black book offer.  Others include an actual worksheet that helps the potential buyer see why it makes sense to trade in that “Old Dog” for a new vehicle. See the portfolio for an extensive list of examples on why these are so effective in reaching targeted clients and bringing them into your dealership.

Card Mailers

Blue Gorilla take personalization to the highest level with their Card Mailers. These mailers are simply too good to ignore and the eye-catching graphics, laminated postcards with pop-out cards and black book data have a high open rate because of the incredible offers personalized for each recipient.

When someone reads their name and below their name it says they are a winner; then you’ve got their attention! Large 12″ x 9″ mailers with a street sign or a license plate actually houses their name on the front. It can even be customized with variable car art.

Options also exist for 6″ x 11″ or 6″ x 9″ postcard mailers that promote selections like Free Oil Changes, VIP status, or scratch and win cards.  So if you want a higher open rate coupled with excitement and response to your call to action- let Blue Gorilla Mail create the perfect Card Mailer for your dealership. See our portfolio for examples of successful working campaigns.

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Fold-A-Lope Mailers with Variable Inserts, Envelopes with Sticky Note, Hybrid Double Fold Half Laminated Mailer, Snap Mailers, Express / Priority Mailers, 6” X 11” Laminated Postcard Mailer,

Specialty Mailers

Blue Gorilla knows how to grab the attention of your prospects. We create specialty mailers that stand out from the rest because they’re unique. These are proven to increase response and sales. Blue Gorilla has a huge selection: Fold –A- Lope Mailers with variable inserts, Envelopes with enclosed sticky notes, Hybrid Bi-Fold Half Laminated mailers and Snap Mailers, Express/ Priority Mailers and large 6″ x 11″ Laminated Postcards are sure to catch a prospect’s eyes. See our portfolio for examples of the creative that sets your dealership apart from the others.

  • Fold-A-Lope Mailers with Variable Inserts
  • Envelopes with Sticky Note
  • Hybrid Double Fold Half Laminated Mailer
  • Snap Mailers
  • Express / Priority Mailers
  • 6” X 11” Laminated Postcard Mailer

Mail Tracking

Direct mail campaigns are getting smarter, thanks to better tracking. Blue Gorilla uses UPS barcodes and Intelligent Mail Barcode tracking systems which encodes mail information for letters and flats. It’s the most innovative system in place and better than the older POSTNET barcodes. It takes up less space (allowing more room for design) yet provides more data than before.

Now your dealership can benefit because each direct mail piece has a unique identification which allows tracing through the mail stream. And of course you get the best postage discounts. But now you get to see other benefits like when the USPS first handled it, when delivery is expected, and how long it took. Blue Gorilla also utilizes PURLs (unique personalized URLs) that are personalized landing pages. When the mail recipient goes online to the PURL, Blue Gorilla can easily track results and the details of the campaign response on a one to one basis. This creates one powerful integrated marketing solution.

Another great method that measures response on your dealership’s direct mail campaign is the use of IVR phone tracking.  We are able to attach a unique phone number in your advertising so that all calls can be easily measured and tracked to increase your conversion rates.

  • USPS Barcodes
  • PURLs, PURL Landing Pages and Manager Dashboard Tracking
  • IVR Phone Tracking
USPS Barcodes, PURLs, PURL Landing Pages and Manager Dashboard Tracking, IVR Phone Tracking,
Year/Make/Model/Vin lists, Carrier Route lists, Beacon Score Credit Lists, Discharged Bankruptcy Lists, HH Income / Home Value / Age / Sex / Occupation and various other data selects.

Mail Lists

The best source for automotive data.

Blue Gorilla Mail has the best-performing automobile list of car, truck and luxury vehicle owners. Our automotive data can be utilized for targeting ‘vin-specific’ automobile owners outside of your sales and service database. Our lists are compiled from a myriad of sources, all designed to give you the most accurate, up-to-date information. Data is compiled from self-reported sources, including warranty companies, insurance companies, quick service facilities, major national car clubs, automotive service chains and more. Our data does not come from the DMV and all data and credit lists are in compliance with the Driver’s Privacy Protection Act, the Shelby Amendment laws, as well as the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

Types of Lists we offer:

  • Year/Make/Model/Vin lists
  • Carrier Route lists
  • Beacon Score Credit Lists
  • Discharged Bankruptcy Lists
  • HH Income / Home Value / Age / Sex / Occupation and various other data selects.

List Append Services
In addition to that, we offer Black Book Appends, Kelly Blue Book Appends and Lease Expiration Data.
We also offer Phone Number and Email Appends.

Blue Gorilla understands the importance of a quality automotive list when launching direct mail campaigns and we leave no stone unturned. We always strive for the highest deliverability rate, along with 100% regulatory compliance.


Blue Gorilla Mail knows that direct mail is multi-dimensional. You can touch it, see it, even smell it or hear it if certain add-on’s are incorporated into the mailer. From scratch and sniff circles to electronic beeps to the dreams of holding a winning car key in your hand- these all elicit a reaction that you can’t get from other advertising mediums. That’s why Blue Gorilla offers add-ons like CodeKase, Scratch cards and Scratch Circles, Plastic cards with punch out or embossed cards and Plastic Tip Keys. These Direct Mail pieces give your dealership more than a higher open rate, they give the recipient a chance to be interactive with your advertising.

But getting the ad in their hands isn’t enough- you need to go beyond that. Blue Gorilla’s creative team will make sure your dealership answers the prospect’s most universal question- “What’s in it for me?” And when they walk in your dealership, with your Direct Mail piece and special add-on in hand, you’ll be able to answer them!

  • Plastic Tip Keys
  • CodeKase
  • Scratch Circles
  • Scratch Cards
  • Plastic Cards/Embossed Cards
Direct mail pieces that give your dealership a higher open rate.
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Additional Services

Blue Gorilla Mail is a full-service agency specializing in the Automotive industry. And while we produce award-winning creative copy, we don’t stop there. Co-op Pre-Approvals and Co-op Submission Documents are just one of the many services we offer that other agencies don’t. We know how difficult filing for co-op reimbursement can be. Dealerships complain that deadlines aren’t met or the OEM rejects it saying it didn’t comply with all their stringent guidelines. But Blue Gorilla guarantees 100% compliance and timely submission so you can get the money back you are owed. We do it all for you so you don’t have to, including Co-op Pre-approvals so there are no surprises ! Blue Gorilla provides the Co-op Submission Documents which include everything you need to get reimbursed. And at the end of the event, Blue Gorilla will present you with the USPS postal receipts which along with your mailer example and an invoice will enable your dealership to get the full co-op reimbursement you deserve.

Other select services we offer are Companion Email Blasts. These are targeted emails that correspond to the event you are promoting through your direct mail campaign. Blue Gorilla configures your direct mail piece into a creative HTML version that allows it to be pasted right to your CRM and delivered directly to the current owners and prospective owners in your database. It’s just one more way you reinforce your dealership’s message and achieve saturation and continuity with your prospective buyers.


Check out examples of the spectacular work we have done for our clients… and can do for you!