Everyone asks us “how did you come up with the name?” We wanted a symbol that conveyed strength, and superiority (Gorilla) as well as one that had a double entendre meaning (Guerilla) that shows the aggression and guerilla marketing tactics we use to help lure customers away from your competitors and into your showroom. These are the strategies we believe in that help us accomplish our mission:


We know sometimes your managers might select a mail piece simply because of the way it looks. We will discuss your dealership and your marketplace with you in advance, to make sure the mailer you select is right for the demographic you are targeting, or perhaps offer alternative selections. We will also make sure that, depending on the mailer you select, the anticipated traffic can be handled by the staff you have on hand.


Dealers are smart enough to know that sometimes you can “hit a home run” on a mailer, and sometimes you “hit a single.” We establish long-term relationships with our dealers, so that we can prevent overlapping campaigns and overlapping targets, and recommend the right schedule of mail at the right time of year, to bring you the best results possible on a consistent basis. Or goal is never a one-time sale, but rather a long-term, successful relationship.


It is plain and simple. You know mail can bring you measured response, and our goal is to bring you measurable results in everything we do on your behalf. We will not sell you something if we think the timing is wrong or the market is wrong. If we only do one mailer for you and it fails, we know we won’t be invited back. Our goal is to make every event both successful and profitable for your dealership, whether your goal is long-term customer retention or a quick, end-of-month sales boost to help you achieve your monthly target.

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If you are looking for great creative that will help you “move metal,” you have come to the right place. Not only do we make our clients’ image shine, we also help perform miracles with their bottom line.