Old School Marketing Gets Your Dealership Straight A’s

Why do so many marketers try to impress businesses owners with fancy lingo and made-up names for terms that have been around since the classifieds were invented?

Yes, times have changed. The internet, social media, and electronic sharing have forced dealerships to alter the way they speak to potential buyers.

But ultimately, the goal is still the same.

Car dealerships were generally known as the most savvy advertisers in the industry, using a “Purchase Funnel” plan to market to shoppers. This meant – make them Aware, spur Interest, create Desire and then they’ll be called to Action.

Now this same marketing strategy is being touted as some new technique called AIDA.

We at Blue Gorilla Mail, say a sarcastic, “PUHLEASE…It’s the same mold, just different packaging.”

As a marketing agency, we at Blue Gorilla Mail are proud to call ourselves “old School” if that means we provide easy to understand strategies without all the confusing fluff.

And guess what? It works! We are a full service advertising agency for the automotive industry that cites the #1 Acura Dealer in the World, the #3 Lexus Dealership in the United States, and the #1 and #2 Honda dealerships in Virginia and DC…just to name a few.

I guess some hipsters could say, “We got GAME.”

But we don’t really talk like that. We talk results.

Of course we understand KPIs, CLVs, CRMs, and CACs. We know all about how to have the best CRM software to provide the highest CR to assure you have the best CTA so that ultimately you’ll have the highest ROI not just once, but with your LTV customers.

But though we know it, we don’t use all those acronyms when speaking with our clients.

It’s our lingo, it doesn’t have to be yours.

So if all that sounds like code to you, don’t worry.

All you have to do is sell your cars.

Because we at Blue Gorilla Mail do everything else for you. We talk to you in real time, with real words, and give you real results.

Contact us today and give us a chance to show how Blue Gorilla Mail can take your dealership to the next level.